Benefits of Membership

Connect with a community of verified, dedicated professionals from across the impact investing, regenerative agriculture, and conscious business landscape globally. Share experience, insights, challenges and opportunities.

The Collaborative Process is a private social network for impact investors, impact finance professionals and educators, sustainability professionals, and consultants.

Investor members can access verified investment opportunities across the regenerative agriculture, sustainable product, and impact-focused technology sectors.

Our members are selected for their experience and commitment to impact finance, the circular and regenerative economy, alongside the sustainable development goals.

Corporate, Business and Investor members can post projects and calls for proposals, while searching through our database of Consultants based on skill sets, including sustainable development, impact finance, impact measurement and management, information technology and many more.

Conscious businesses, regenerative and organic farmers, and impact-focused technology companies can connect with one another and professional service providers.

Community stakeholders can share their challenges and opportunities, and share requests for support from our members.

Theory of Change

The problem:

While progress is being made towards the emergence of a regenerative economy, opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders, access to tools and resources, and financial models, are dispersed and varied.

Our entry point:

The development of the Roshem Network serves to organize communication, training, tools and resources across the regenerative economic landscape and facilitate the realization of positive outcomes through a secure online platform.

Showcase Your Conscious Business

Growth-stage sustainable companies and regenerative agriculture initiatives apply to become members through a process that is by invitation-only. They can then feature their startup, farm, technology or social enterprise on our platform and connect with our impact investors and professional members.

Members can either post calls for proposals related to their project needs, or calls for ventures to apply for funding, and ventures can also create profiles that explain the types of investment they are looking for while featuring their pitch videos and investor decks.

Although we are not currently accepting unsolicited applications from businesses looking for funding, we are open to having introductory conversations with interested companies, founders, farmers, and entrepreneurs.